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Using App Technology

We understand the importance of technology and how this can provide innovative ways to help both employees and employers. Following our successful colaboration with WhatsUp? we are introducing a Health & Wellbeing App and employer platform that will add considerable value to current Employee Assistance Programmes.


Traditional methods of reporting issues in the workplace rely on the individual reporting via dedicated helplines. This method is outdated and many employees simply do not feel comfortable in using this approach. 


The WhatsUp? App provides some unique functionality in that it enables anonymous Two-Way communication, all from a mobile device.


Benefits to the employee and employer alike include:

  • Total anonymity
  • Discreet and confidential
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Allows employees to make the first move instead of suffering in silence
  • Removes barriers such as embarrassment and mistrust
  • Enables instant ‘in the hand to the person’ professional support
  • Employee has full control of how and when they want to use the App
  • Provides a safe way for others to raise concerns for others (bullying, abuse, addictions etc)
  • Raises self-awareness and promotes positive lifestyle choices
  • Promotes a proactive and preventative wellbeing support program.


As well as providing Health and Wellbeing advice and support the App and employer platform also has functionality to deliver important communications (Motivational statements, Message from Board, Delivery of Results etc) – and most importantly it is also able to measure the effectiveness of those communications in terms of employee anonymous feedback all through the App.



Vision are launching a range of Health and Wellbeing products including Training Courses aimed at raising awareness in the workplace and focused around the following, 

  •  REFER


The Courses will ensure companies, managers and employees are able to spot the signs of a fellow colleague who may need support, help and assistance.




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