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How is your organisation addressing the mental health crisis?

Mental health problems affect one in six British workers each year with mental health being the leading cause of sickness absence. The annual cost of poor mental health ranges between £33-44 billion pounds. 

Vision Specialist Services Ltd are delighted to announce the introduction of the WhatsUp? our mental health and wellbeing platform into the insurance and financial services sectors.  

WhatsUp? is a proven platform having been successfully implemented in the education sector for over 3 years demonstrating its worth as a proactive, safeguarding, wellbeing, mental health support tool helping thousands of students to date.

There are two parts to WhatsUp? the App itself and a detailed cloud based Administration system that collects data from the App allowing your organisations Wellbeing Team to monitor and instantly communicate with your Staff via the App.


The App provides total anonymity which is often the barrier preventing employees from having the confidence to talk about their mental health and wellbeing.

Traditional methods of reporting issues and welfare concerns rely on the individual using dedicated employee helplines, which many are uncomfortable with due to concerns with being identified.


In addition, the App also offers;

·    Digital mood and thoughts diary and ratings with history review

·    Ability to reach out instantly to staff with daily motivational and support   notifications

·    Access to Safeguarding, wellbeing and mental health resources

·    Unlimited app access, users decide how, when and why they want to engage with WhatsUp?

·    All data recorded 'real time', full audit records for safeguarding officer(s) and support staff

Employers who have recognised the importance of promoting good mental health are reaping the rewards through increased efficiencies and performance, improved attendance and a reduction in staff turnover not to mention increased profits.  

WhatsUp? – Putting your wellbeing team into your people's pockets.

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